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2019 32nd Munich International Construction Machinery Expo
[ Release time:2019/9/26  Read:3754 Times ]

【Exhibition time】April 8-14, 2019

【Exhibition location】New Munich Expo Center, Germany

【Exhibition cycle】Three years

【Range of exhibition】Bulldozers, excavators, loaders, concrete machinery, cranes, road machinery, pneumatic machinery, rock drilling machinery, engineering vehicles, scaffolding and formwork, as well as construction machinery parts, building materials machinery, mining machinery, etc.

【Exhibition introduction

German international engineering machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and equipment fair (bauma) is the world's largest, internationally influential professional exhibition of construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery industry, every three years in Munich, Germany Held. In the exhibition held in 2016, there were 3,423 exhibitors from 58 countries around the world, including 1,263 German exhibitors and 2,160 international exhibitors, with a total exhibition area of 605,000 square meters and 58 from more than 200 countries. Tens of thousands of visitors visited the exhibition, and the international professional audience exceeded the historical high level.

【Exhibition influence】

As a global trade exhibition at the global level, it leads the company to enter into an important way of selling, profitable markets and industry branches, demonstrating extremely important technologies, discussing the trend of very new technologies, clarifying global industry positioning, and providing specific views. Providing a strong impetus to trade, leading the industry through the quality of service, flexibility, stable prices and grasping new growth areas. The elites of the construction machinery industry from all over the world gathered in Munich to discuss the development of the global engineering industry in the past three years. The future of the engineering market. A large number of professional visitors will not only hang around with dazzling new products and new technologies. They are more interested in searching for their favorite customers and signing cooperation agreements. In this exhibition, 387 Chinese exhibitors participated in bauma 2016, and the number of exhibiting companies ranked third in the list of participating countries in Germany and Italy. Most of the Chinese exhibitors are very satisfied with the results of the exhibition, and have said that they will book the booth of bauma 2019 in advance. According to different categories of exhibits distributed to 8 different professional pavilions and outdoor exhibitions for display, many exhibitors have achieved more than expected results. In view of the popularity and influence of the bauma exhibition in Germany, as well as the good display effect, the booths of each bauma are in short supply. According to the organizer, the head of the Munich Expo Group in Germany, more than 700 companies have not obtained the booth of bauma 2016 after the application. A large number of companies in China have not been able to participate due to late registration. In order to meet the requirements of the company to reserve the booth of bauma 2019 in advance, we will try our best to help the company to have the opportunity to exhibit and to book a relatively satisfactory booth.


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